How to Keep Your Garden Green

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What Does Basic Lawn Care Include?

Having a beautiful and well-maintained lawn should be the number one priority for every homeowner. After all, it is the first thing that visitors see when they come into your home. Considering the fact that we live in a busy world and the ”no time” excuse is often used, you will need to hire a licensed and insured landscaper to get the job done right and offer you some good tips. Depending on the time of the year, here are the basic lawn care tasks that have to be performed:

  • Cleaning. Your lawn must be cleaned professionally every once in a while. Raking is the fastest and easiest method to remove leaves, sticks, pines, rocks, and other debris. This way, you will let your soil ”breathe”.
  • Grass seeding. Whether you want to have a whole new garden re-seeded or you only need to seed the bare spots, a specialist will be able to tackle the job fine. He will do some soil tests in advance to find out if it has enough nutrients. Then, he will prepare the land to plan new seeds.
  • Lawn mowing. Many people believe they know everything about the mowing process. However, owning a lawn mower doesn’t necessarily mean an excellent job. A trained landscaper will take into account the weather and the overall condition of your lawn before do that. He will determine the height that the grass should be cut to and use the proper equipment for the job.
  • Irrigation. This is a crucial task. Examining your garden’s current conditions, weather, and climate as well, he will suggest the most appropriate irrigation system to make your lawn look appealing and green. There are so many types of sprinklers available on the market, but when you work with an expert, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Weed and their prevention. This is another important part of the successful lawn maintenance. Eliminating all the weeds, diseases, and lawn pests is a guarantee for achieving a fresh and lush garden that everybody will envy. Using eco-friendly and effective products is the key.

You can rely on Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service for timely and high-quality lawn care techniques with impeccable results. We service the Springfield MO area and you can call us now at (417) 227-8693.

The Benefits of a Greener Lawn

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Make Your Family’s Life Better with the Best Lawn Care Services You’ll Ever Find!

lawn maintenance I bet there are few mind-blowing benefits of having a greener lawn in your front or backyard that you’ve never thought about! I’ll reveal you those secret benefits that will make you admit that professional lawn care is a must-do activity, which will actually make your life better.

A regular 40 to 50 square foot green lawn provides the needed free Oxygen for a family of four. Taking proper care of your yard in order to keep it ever greener is the key for breathing a 100% clean air. Your lawn will absorb the pollutants from the air and will become your clean air ‘provider’.

Another mind blowing fact about green lawns is that a regular one, 40 to 50 square foot in size, has the natural cooling effect of more than 2 air conditioning units. That would be great in a very hot summer, right?

Let’s not forget about how much fun you and your family would have if you spend some time outside in your beautiful green yard practicing outdoor sports or other fun activities. The grass reduces glare and provides a nice cushioning, which makes it a great playground.

Most people who live in the city spend a lot of time at their office. They also inhale toxins from cars exhaust, get stressed up hour by hour. However, relaxing on a green backyard lawn is the best anti-stress therapy. Professional lawn care does not only help the grass look better but it also promotes good health.

Last but not least, a green lawn decreases noise levels with about 30 percent, offering you and your family a peaceful place for relaxation at any time.
If you live in Springfield MO, you should turn to Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service for high-quality lawn care service. Give us a call today at (417) 227-8693.

Why Choose Us When You Need a Lawn Care Service?

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Learn More About The Landscaping Services Which Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service Offers

In addition to offering lawn mowing services at your disposal, Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service can deal with many other tasks, involving your garden improvement. Today we will focus on giving you some additional information about this in our blog. We hope to help you learn why we are one of the most reputable lawn care service providers in and around Springfield MO.

Our company offers sprinkler repairs and adjustments, landscape maintenance, core aeration, power raking, and shrub maintenance. We also provide shrub bed maintenance, fertilizing service and entire cleanups of your yard. We are also very proud of our lawn mowing services that are preferred over other companies in our region.

We have many teams of lawn experts, who have been specializing in lawn care service for many years now. This is why they are proficient and skillful in doing their job. Their performance, combined with our most modern mowing and lawn care equipment, makes our services beneficial for you.

Exceptional landscaping serviceChoose one of our landscaping special offers by calling (417) 227-8693, and you will receive the most professional service in our town. Receive excellent weekly or bi-weekly lawn care service, or take advantage of our sprinkler repairs. We have the most modern tools and parts for fixing sprinklers. Our technicians are proficient in repairing and adjusting sprinklers, so do not hesitate to trust the job you need done to us!

Besides excellent quality workmanship, you can get a discount for booking regular lawn maintenance and take advantage of some additional offers which we run. Call our office to get in touch with our helpful assistants for more information about our prices and availability. They will consult you on which lawn care service we provide is the most appropriate for your landscape, depending on your lawn specifics and needs. We will be expecting your call!

DIY Home Lawn Care Tips

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What you need to do to improve the look of your lawn without booking a professional landscaper

High level lawn care servce in Springfield, MO

A good lawn maintenance can do many things: beautify your home, enhance the curb appeal and add color and texture to your yard, etc. even if your yard is too small and there is not much that could be done, trying to transform it will be definitely worth trying. Dressing up the exterior of your home does not necessarily have to be expensive, so you can definitely try improving its overall curb appeal in a short time.

As an experienced lawn care service provider in Springfield MO, Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service knows how to help you get started. We have prepared the following tips to help you manage your DIY landscaping project.

1. You can incorporate the plants you already have in the yard into the overall lawn maintenance. This can save you both time and money to pay a lawn care expert.

2. When you want to plant new grass, you need to make some preparations at first: in order to recognize which areas of the yard receive full or partial sun or are prone to flooding, you better watch the yard for a few days, before you decide where to locate the new plants.

3. When you are choosing the lawn type which will fit your yard best, make sure you pick plants to complement the color of your house.

4. Do not place big shrubs less than 30 feet away from a driveway, as their roots may grow underneath and damage your walkway. You can always upkeep a nice, lush lawn. If you do not have that much space in your yard, contact a local professional lawn care provder and discuss the planting options which may be suitable for you.

6. Consider the cost of water and lawn maintenance before making the yard improvement you want. If you have the initial investment but you do not have enough finances to maintain the upgrades you make, there is no point starting at all. If you are having hard time to make the calculations, you may call your lawn care service contractor and discuss the costs.

Grass Seed vs. Turf :Advantages and Drawbacks

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Which of Those Options Has Lower Lawn Maintenance Costs

A green, full and healthy lawn is one of the most challenging landscaping tasks to accomplish, but once you reach the desired results, you know all that effort was worth it. Lawn maintenance specialists recommend using one of the following types of grass when considering a lawn upgrade project. In order to help you decide which one suits your needs and budget better Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service, of Springfield MO, has outlined the advantages and disadvantages of both options. They are:

Grass Seed Lawn – With seeds the grass is nurtured through the earth


Lawn Maintenance - watering– You can sow an entire lawn for a relatively low amount, which makes grass seed cheaper than turf.
– Sowing and raking a whole field with seeds can take a considerably shorter amount of time, which is a great advantage for those of you who have hired a landscaper, who charges by the hour. An hour is the maximum amount of time this job can get for an average-sized yard.
– It may take a while for the seeds to grow into something which looks like a regular lawn, no matter how good your irrigation system is or how favorable the meteorological conditions are.
– It can be easily invaded by pests, and may need to be treated with chemicals more often than turf rolls.
– Weeds love to grow on grass seed lawns and taking them out may become a true nightmare at some point, especially during springtime.

Sod/ Turf Lawn – These are patches with pre-grown sections of grass


– Once you lay it properly it grows really quickly.
– The grass joints can knit together for a week or even less, depending on your local climate conditions.
– Turf creates a really rich lawn for a short amount of time, which is why it is ideal for covering sports fields and commercial venues.
– The process of laying turf down can take a while, so bear this in mind if the lawn maintenance specialist you hire charges by the hour.
– Turf rolls are also quite expensive, compared to seeds.
– If the earth is not fertile you may need to apply a top soil before you begin the project which will also consume some of your time and finances.