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Worthy Lawn Care Right in Your Area in Springfield, MO!

Professionals who work at Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service have been serving countless lawns in the Springfield, MO area for some time, and we’re proud to say that our lawn service is one of the most renowned among all. We’ve learned how to be sensitive to customers’ wishes and take care of every element, so those who request our services can genuinely smile when they see what we have done. We specialize in different areas when taking care of your property’s lawn, and we would like to share everything with you!

What We Have To Offer

Lawn Care

Lawn Care
Watering your flowers and keeping your grass green is just one part of a larger scheme to ensure you have a beautiful lawn worthy of anyone's admiration. Just like any living thing, different elements can wither away and begin yellowing and drying out. But our lawn care consists of using all the right treatments to make sure everything remains healthy! 

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing
It's one thing to install the perfect lawn, but then comes the mowing and keeping each blade in check! We have the appropriate equipment, knowledge, and experience so we can mow your lawn to perfection. If you want leveled grass, you should entrust your yard to our highly-trained professionals! We will keep on top of things to ensure pests and other issues are never a problem. 

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming
Hedges are a large part of the lawn most of the time. As they are living things, they will grow however they want, unless someone maintains them properly. That means regularly trimming them and giving them a particular shape. We will take care of your hedges as regularly as you need so they can grow without any stray branches! 


Landscaping is a crucial part of keeping a beautiful lawn. But sometimes, just because you have an idea of how everything should be doesn't mean that you can execute it because the perfect landscape maintenance takes a lot of time and energy. That's why you can share what you want with our professionals and watch as your vision becomes a reality!

Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation
Do you want someone to roll out your grass and make sure it takes root and starts growing nicely? Well, then our guys are the ones to trust with the process because lawn installation is second nature for us, and we will do everything in our power to make sure no patch of land is left dull and uncovered! We will provide the perfect lawn for you! 

A Beautiful Lawn Made Simple

Every property deserves the perfect lawn, but such a concept can be hard to achieve when you have a thousand other things to deal with daily. When you think about it – you have your job, family, maybe even a pet, and on top of that, a home to keep and countless chores. That can impede the focus you put on your lawn many of the times and leave it on the back burner. But, nowadays, you can get help for almost anything around the home, and if you want a beautiful lawn, there are experts to take care of that!

How We Can Help You Out

We can and will be the experts you need for your lawn care maintenance. We loathe to see a lawn wither and bring down the beauty of your entire property, so we will wait for your call and get right down to business. The chemicals we use for all of your flowers, trees, hedges will ensure healthy growth, and we will also take care of the entire landscape, so you are left with a gorgeous lawn that looks like something straight out of a magazine!

Contact Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service if your property is in Springfield, MO and you feel that you deserve fabulous lawn maintenance right away! We know that people can be particular when it comes to their lawns – the way they look and the health of everything they consist of, and our trained experts will do as you wish and make sure you have the perfect lawn in the end!

Client’s Testimonial

by Alissa Carver on Cardinal Clippers Lawn Service
Beautiful Lawn Maintenance!

If you want lawn maintenance worth every penny, these are the guys for the job! Taking care of the entire lawn all by myself was getting to be a little too much to handle, so I needed some help. Hiring these excellent workers was the best decision for my lawn! It's beautiful, neat, and completely healthy now!

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